What l'll need from you:

1. Your complete contact information:
        Phone Number:
        Email address:
        A copy of the first page of your approved Form 1:

2. All of the components of your build, including any brakes or flash hiders that you will be using.

3. A shipping manifest (what's in your shipping box).

4. Complete instructions as to exactly what you want me to.  If they are unclear, I'll probably call you to clarify.

I try to turn around repairs within 3 days, depending on my workload.

One final note.  Please wrap your components in a sheet of paper (notebook paper works great) and THEN tape them up.  It's a time consuming trying to peel off bits of Scotch Tape that's stuck to your metal parts.

My Contact Information:

Spectrum Tactical Solutions
233 Johnston Street
Rock Hill, SC 29730
803-417-2790                                                 If you have questions, email me at: info@Spectrum-Tactical.com
Spectrum Tactical Solutions